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Girlfriend Help!
Oct 9, 2004
Please read and give me advice on this situation. Give your opinion.

I met this girl online in October 2002 and we've been going out since, so this month is marks our two-year relationship. We had two iffy points in the beginning (year 2003), but we worked it out and stayed together. What is was is that we both had cheated for reasons I won't get into. Anyway, we were always close and talked a lot, but just last March (of 2004) we got closer than we've ever been. We were talking on the phone and talking online on AIM all day pretty much. She turned 18 on April 12th, then graduated high school last June. I turned 20 last August 13th. Last summer I introduced her to two of my friends and I became jealous when she made friends with them (because of her cheating awhile ago). We got over it though and I stopped being jealous. We would talk online everyday in the summer almost from about 8am to 7pm or even sometimes 11pm, with exception to a few breaks inbetween. By the way, she lives in PA and I live in CA.

Anyway, she told me she was going to drive out here (to move) and arrive on June 20th. On that day she said she couldn't come because of a spained ankle. Then she said later her mom bought a plane ticket to move out here on August 18th, but again couldn't come because it turned out the ticket was for August 28th. But a week before the 28th my grandmother passed away and I had to stay off line for that week for the funeral and to be with al my family who flew in from all over the United States. So on Friday thee 27th, I get on at night and I have some e-mails from her. The most recent saying she'll be on a plane to CA that next day and that she was giving her computer and screen name to her cousin who I had known about before who lived in PA. She also said to let her "settle in" CA and stuff and then she'll contact us to meet. By the way, she lived with her mom and stepdad in PA and she's living in Fresno with her dad now (which is two hours away from me).

Well September was a bad month for us because of family issues and we kinda drifted apart because we never talked and when we did it was in e-mails and we would just fight. I kept telling her I wanted us to meet and saying we have to now; she agreed twice, we set up a meeting place, but she stood me up both times. She said se was sorry and she did it because she wasn't ready to meet me because she had a lot of stress and anger in her life then. her cousin told me she was a little scared to because of my friends (see, one of my friends told her she shouldn't be with me and that he wanted to screw her...yeah, I know some friend, eh? But that's another thread) and stuff. Well that made her not trust him, understandably. So I said I would go up to Fresno, but she never gave me a place to meet her eventhough she always asked me, 'Why don't you come to Fresno to see me?" Now it's been almost two months -- the family issues have settled down and now we both wanna work things out and patch things up that September had damaged. But the thing is, it seems like her idea of working things out is e-mailing each other every few days. She said she was looking for a job for money and buying her own place near me, then we'd meet, but in the mean time now we don't even talk on AIM anymore. I don't even feel like I'm in a relationship now. About the fightng we went through, because everything I was going through I was feeling insecure and I was always saying "are you cheating on me?" and she'd get mad. I apologized and fixed it and she said she understands because she was basically doing the same to me. I miss her so much and I love her with all my heart, and she tells me she does too, but I feel like I'm never going to meet her. I'm so confused and don't know what to do. It's like we were so great for two years and then all the sudden because of other issues I feel like now we've grown so far apart and I don't even know her anymore. We're trying to work things out and get back on track, but I told her it's hard to do that if we can't even talk on AIM. And she said she couldn't download because her dad's computer wouldn't let her -- actually, yesterday she said she was gonna try to download it.

Anyway, I think that's enough info to have an opinion on this. I just really need some outside help here. If you have any questions to help you understand this situation better just post them here and I'll answer you. Just please post your opinions and whatnot, what I should do and everything. I really need some help. Also if anyone cares to talk about this more privately (like if you have experience or are going through something similar, we can talk on AIM. My AIM name is in my profile.

Thanks in advance. :bouncing:

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