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Getting antsy
Oct 10, 2004
I have been with my boyfriend for a bit over a year now. I love hem very much and I know he loves me. The problem is that I am feeling very lonely. We live together, he works from home, youd think it would be great.....he works ALLLLLL the time. there is no separation of work from home. by all the time i mean he works from like nine in the morning til about 1 or 2 in the morning. its infuriating...he says its temporary, theres a lot going on, etc, but this has been going on since may. i go to bed alone at night. i only see him when i feed him. converstions are few and far between, as is the sex. i have two jobs and still dont work as much as he does. i understand that the nature of his job is that its not a 9-5 and sometimes he has to work into the wee hours of the morning, but this is getting ridiculous. everytime i talk to him about it he makes more of an effort to spend time with me, but it only lasts for about a week, then he falls back into the cycle.....hes been so supportive and so caring, in times when ive really needed it, and hes a really great guy, but i cant seem to be able to deal with the trying to deal with it myself so i dont stress him out even more, because i know hes extremely stressed about a lot of things that have nothing to do with me, and things i cant help him with. i struggle with bipolar, and he is the first boyfriend that has been able to deal with that and be there for me when i need it...........but im sooooo lonely. my friends have all moved away, i work with no one id like to associate with outside of work, and the one friend that is still around works the opposite hours that i do....i need a reason to go or a reason to stay, i just don t know how much more i can take....the thing that sucks is that i know hes not doing this on purpose, and its mostly out of control....i miss him :(

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