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Thanks for you replies,
One thing he said that this girl is one of his best friends is because she's like one of the guys, she's not girly and he honestly just sees her as one of the guys, I know he's not attracted to her at all.

Our view of being friends with the opposite sex isn't too different, I get along better with guys which is why we were such good friends when we met, we were friends for about 6 months. But yet it still bothers me, but one of the reasons it does is because I have no friends this year, my roommates that I live with and I are not close at all anymore and I just lost contact with the ones from last year. If I was haning out with people too it wouldn't make me feel that bad.

I would still like to be friends with her, but I don't want to until she apologizes for being rude to me. My bf said that she was really having a bad day and that it was all built up and she just couldn't hold her anger in or anything, but I was also having a bad day and I woudn't not have been rude to her. I'm just waiting on a sorry or something. I've had so many friends that were just plain mean to me and I don't take that kind of thing anymore so I don't think a sorry is too much to ask, right? But when she does I'm all for being friends, that way I can still see my bf when he's hanging out with her. Because she does invite me to hang out all the time I just haven't yet.

Well one reason I haven't gong out with him is I have social anxiety, so I feel terribly uncomfortable hanging out in big groups or going to other peoples houses that I don't know. I know its something I need to work on and I'm trying. One thing that was nice is that she said that we can have all the time we need to get our relationship back on track and that wouldn't bother her.

I really thank you guys for replying, I'm letting my bf read these so he can get other peoples views that are similar to mine, I think it's doing some good. I feel so much better being able to talk about this with people finally, so thanks, all of you are great :)

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