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Well, things are getting better, but very slowly and thereís still some big trust issues. She still hasnít told me about this big issue sheís dealing with, and sheís brought it up a few times. Whenever she does, I pretty much just say lets just drop it, unless youíre willing to talk about it. She always says no, so we drop it and then thereís uncomfortable silence for a few minutes. It might not be the best thing for me to say, but Iím tired of her referencing it and then not giving me any info. Sheís always the one to bring it up. I never do. From things sheís said, I get the impression that it will be done by the end of this month, and I am willing to wait that long I think, but at some point, Iím going to need to know. I WONT be in a relationship with someone who keeps secrets from me. Iím a very open and honest person and would expect the same from someone Iím dating. Maybe Iím being unreasonable, and I know not to expect someone to be exactly like me, but lies, lies of omission, and secrets are not something Ill put up with. Would it be wrong to tell her Iím going to want to know at some point?

Sheís also made comments about me going off with another woman. It was just a hypothetical but she had said that people are going to do what theyíre going to do, and if I was to go off with some other woman when we were out together sometime, she wouldnít do anything about it. I then said, you mean you wouldnít care? She paused and said, well, I didnít say that, but I guess I would expect it. Expect it!? That kind of shocked me. I then said, you really donít trust me at all do you. She said, nope. I then said, well, I guess you donít know me like I thought you did because Iím not the type of person to do that. In fact, I donít have it in me at all to behave like that. She made some comment like, whatever. I then said, well I guess thereís nothing I can do but keep being myself and hopefully someday youíll believe that this is who I am. She said something like, well, I still donít think I buy this whole nice guy routine. Routine? This isnt a routine. Its just who I am.

Iíve been understanding so far, but I was pretty insulted this time. Iím getting tired of paying for the other a**holes she dated. Iím nice to her, and have never been anything but nice and supportive to her, and have given her ABSOLUTELY NO reason not to trust me. To tell me she would expect me to do something like leave her for some other woman while we're out together is really insulting to me and who I am as a person.

I know its going to take time but when she makes comments like that, aside from being insulting, it also makes me wonder where sheís at with things. If she thinks Id just up and leave her for someone else, it makes me wonder if shed do the same. I know its kind of hypocritical for me to say this since Iím doing the same thing she does and not trusting her, but it still makes me wonder. I'm also starting to worry that she might purposely sabotage things to prove her point or something. I know this is out of my control and pointless to worry about, but its still hard not to.

Its not all bad however. She is opening up more on some things and is showing me more of her sensitive side and is spending more time with me too. Shes also been calling me more.
I think I might need to tell her how Iím feeling about her sometime soon to try to help her trust me. Iím not going to go overboard, but just tell her Iím not interested in dating other people and as far as Im concerned, I no longer consider myself single. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for reading. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

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