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Hi there,

By request, I have started my very 1st thread of my own on this board. I thank you guys so much for listening to me & comforting me; & it was helpful to know that other people have very similar problems as mine too ...

Well ... okee ... I wouldn't go into too much details in regards to my problems with my GF, because many of you might have read about it; but long story short, I was happy with my dream GF for 1/2 a year, then suddenly she wants space & time. I'm 31 & she's 23.

I haven't been able to sleep properly, last nite I only had 3 hours sleep, & the nite before. I can't eat, I can't really concentrate on work .... but I do a lot of sports now to occupy my spare time out of the office. Not surprisedly I have lost a bit of weight, which is the only good thing I feel about myself right now otherwise, I'm pretty much messed up.

We used to see each other everyday, & this week we haven't seen each other @ all. Seldom phone calls but when we eventually talked, we both would try to be reasonable & understandable but @ the ends .... conversations always turned soar .... she now sees her friends more, which I have always respected & wanted her to do so (before all these happened, she spent most of her free time with me, & I warned her not to stop hanging out with her buddies. Friends are very important) ... but when she does so while not seeing me ... & knowing that she doesn't love me as much, or even not sure about her feelings ... then that's different.

We have agreed to meet on Friday for dinner, then a short walk. Fingers crossed, but I try not to have too much hope.

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