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[QUOTE=elatedgiraffe]I know. I guess it eases the pain for the moment. I need anything to ease this pain. I have tried everything. Excercise, reading, working, going out with friends, praying,...last night I decided to stop taking the sleeping pills and I can't even tell you how many panic attacks I had and I got a few hours of sleep. I have these awful nightmares and I wake up and reality hits that I'm no longer with him and I can barely breathe. I physically feel pain...inside I feel my heart and soul ripped out..just empty. I think I'm still in brain won't even let myself accept that its over. I try and convince myself, but the pain is just too much. I'm only getting worse and my body is so run down that I'm getting sick. Everyday blends into another. I don't even know what day or what time it is anymore. I hate him so much!!! How can he just walk around and not ACHE to be with me? How can he function? How come hes not hurting? How come I'm the one who always has to hurt?!!?!!!??

And last night at the grocery store the clerk was such a B**** and I just can't take people being mean to be for no reason and I started any moment I start crying. The smallest things are setting me off right now. Last night in the rain I dropped my purse and everything fell out and I started crying.[/QUOTE]

Elated...Boy Goody is dealing with her own problems now but I couldn't let this go by without offering my 2 cents worth. ;)

I see you have now progressed to a different level which could be both good or bad. First you are starting to get angry and upset which is the next step in grieving over you loss. You were in denial like [I]this is not happening to me [/I] and [I]he'll be calling[/I].....and now you're angry 'cause it's not happening. This is all normal and good so long as you don't hurt yourself or anyone else in the process. :nono:

Another thing I think you should think about is whether or not you apologize and set things back with your ex is all good when said & done, but are you ready & willing to change the way you handle stressful situations....if you feel so weak now (and from what you have shared here with us in other situations when there is stress) do you think it is fair to go back to him before you find a way to change this part of you so that when and if you do get married that if you are faced with stress (which I can guarantee you will because I'm there right now ;) ) that you react in the way you do now??? Please...know that I am not saying this to you in a hurtful way and itis not easy for me to say....but wouldn't it be best to get the help you need now and not feel as if it's too dumb or silly a thing to go back to your doctor about??? That way when or if you get back with your BF or even the next guy, you will be offering him you at your best with no issues or matters to be worked out. I did this between relationships (sought counselling) and it's the best thing you can do for yourself and for those you love. Just had to throw my 2 cents in and let you know at the sae time that I care....Goody :wave:

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