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I agree with Susie, drinking will not help. When you sobber up, it will make you feel worse. Alcohol is a downer, and then add a hang over onto that.

When my ex and I broke up (not the one I am currently going through but before that) I was devistaed. Now that I look back at it almost 2 1/2 years later, I'm thinking WHY? He wasn't really all that great to me since the start. THis is what happened, when I was 21, he left me for a 30 something married woman with 2 kids. We had been together almost 2 years. I was beside myself. I didn't get out of bed for 2 weeks! (Luckily it was over Christmas break, so I didn't have to go to work). Now that I look back, I think that I was more upset about loosing my "comfort zone", and being alone, becaue he was such a habit. He cut off all contact, and I haven't spoken to him since 2 days after we split (Christmas day). That was hard at first, but easier as time went on. Now if I was to see him out and about, I wouldn't even waste my breathe to say "hi".

At that time most of my friends had moved away to school, or work, etc, and would only be home on weekends. So that was hard.

I too couldn't eat without gaging, lost 15 lbs, all I did was lay in bed and cry...all day. When I finally did peel myself out of bed to go hang out with friends, I really didn't want to be there, because I wanted to be in bed, but it helped. I think that was my most devestating time ever. I've never felt pain like that before. But my constant crying and not eating didn't hurt anyone but me. He didn't know, or probably wouldn't have cared.

When my ex/b/f that I am with now are going through problems, I'm thinking to myself, I've been there and done that, and I am not going to let myself go through that again.
I value myself too much to let a guy put me in that sort of state again just because he doesn't know what he wants.

I know it's hard for you, but by drinking and not eating, it will make you feel worse. It will get better, no matter what the outcome of all this is. You know that it's for the best if it does end, because that means that there is someone else out there that you are ment to be with, and who will make you 110% happy.

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