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Hey guys--
Thanks again for all your posts. Every single one of them helped me. I had lunch with my mom and it was so nice that she and my mother do not have a close relationship. It really meant the world to me that she drove over an hour to see me just for a lunch. We really didn't talk about it all...she just wishes that he'd come around, she wants the best for me and wants a man there for care for me so I'm not calling her when my car breaks She just assured me that things have a way of being okay..that we can always look back and say " wasn't that bad". My parents want someone to care for me and my boyfriend thinks my parents should still take that role..I guess because his do for him.

I'm actually surprised that I didn't get any "dump him" replies. :rolleyes: I had this problem with him months ago...I let him know that if he doesn't come around soon then I'll have to date other people..the time has come and I hate to go back on my word.

I love the idea of being married. He'd be my first choice, but I'm not going to wait around forever just because I love him. I don't want to be 35 and posting..."I dated this guy for 10 years, we always talked about marriage, but hes still not ready"...I love him to death, but I'm not going to risk years and years of my life on him; not without some type of commitment. I just am not okay with the idea of investing years into a boyfriend...I need something a little more real than that.

I'm also not happy with the situation. I've never been happy about the long distance and he knows that. "it is what it is" is his reply. 6 months into this I was ready to move closer to him/move in with him and all hes done in the past 2 years is back pedal from anything dealing with commitment (moving in, engagment, etc.)

He says "why can't we just talk and get along and I just wanted to see how your day was not all this"...

Its much easier for him, hes content with it..hes working his dream job, living at home rent free and able to take his merry time and get married when he wants to...

What about when I want to get married? I certainly don't want to marry someone I convinced to marry me....

Its just so painful wanting to see someone everyday and have no problem making a commitment when they aren't on the same page..

I'm not sure how long I can smile and pretend I'm okay with things and act "cool" we're just dating for 2 irks inside of me and I can't fake it any longer. I can't put my emotions and feelings aside and be the "cool girlfriend"...and I guess thats why it has all come to this...

I'm not happy with how things are. I haven't been happy with them and I refuse to continue to be unhappy for an uncertain amount of time.

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