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[QUOTE=kbell]I know, I know. It's that whole hell hath no fury like a woman scorned bit. I am still angry about it, I know I have to let go of that but that is easier said than done.[/QUOTE]

I think it will just take some time, kbell. I think it's natural to be hurt and angry when someone mistreats you, especially someone who you thought you could trust. Not only are you hurt, but betrayed as well. But in order to get rid of it, you do have to be somewhat proactive. Have you given any thought to my suggestion of a self-defense course? That really helped me when my ex jerk jerked me around. I can't even call him and ex boyfriend, he wasn't a boyfriend at all. He was just a 2-year long one night stand and I was too stupid to see it. But taking steps to dissapate the anger will help to move past it, I think, especially if you've got a great new guy that you want to free up your emotional energy for. Hang in there.

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