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Well I was simply wondering what your opinions and views are about my relationship with my ex boyfriend. I would appreciate it very much if you were to take the time and help me out. Thank you. Okay, well to get to the point. I have this girl that is my best friend. And we have been best friends for 3 years now. I ended up dating her brother for a small amount of time when I was f-o-u-r-t-e-e-n and he was s-i-x-t-e-e-n. I ended up breaking up with him and so we didn't see each other for about 2 years. When all of the sudden he came back into my life and asked me back out again. I told him no at first. And he said okay. But after a few days he ended up kissing me and I mistook the kiss for him and I being in a relationship and so we ended up dating again for the second time in our lives. But this time when we dated he ended up breaking up with me. I was s-i-x-t-e-e-n at the time and he was n-i-n-t-e-e-n at the time. So we were not together anymore for about half a year until he came back into my life again. And he asked me out again. This time instead of saying no, I said let me think about it. So after I thought about it and decided to give him the benifit of the doubt and I decided to tell him that I would go back out with him, he goes and tells me that he changed his mind now and thinks that we should both get our lives in order before starting a relationship. So what in Gods name does that mean?! Why does he say he wants to be with me one day and then the next he says otherwise? If someone could please explain in any possible manner that would be greatly appreciated. He also wanted to live in my apt. with me but I said no. You see, he is homeless at the time being because of his family and friends not being there to help him so he came to me and asked to stay at my place. I thought about it and said no because it seemed too much like he is just trying to use me for a warm place to sleep at night. Because if I don't let him stay at my place then he has to sleep in his car. And it is starting to get closer to winter so it is real cold and he's told me how much he don't like having to sleep out there. So I think he's trying to use me all in all, but I am not sure. I also think that he may be trying to get back at me for me breaking up with him when we were younger 3 years ago. Because when I broke up with him he tried and tried to get back with me for over 2 months and I kept saying no. But ANY advice or such would be GREATY appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. Bless you.

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