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I recently started a relationship with this really great guy. The only problem with this is that his crazy ex girlfriend won't leave me alone. On Saturday night his roomates were having a party where he lives and the only reason she showed up is because I was there. The girl is 29 years old and has a 9 year old daughter and I am 19 years old and she wouldn't leave me the heck alone. She kept asking me questions about myself, such as where I work and where I'm going to college even though she already knew the answers because his roomates talk to her and tell her this stuff. Honestly this woman is crazy and I'm a little worried and stressed about it. My boyfriend wants nothing to do with her. They've been broken up for over a year and they only dated for 6 months, but she is so sick in the head and won't get over him, she even admits that she stalks him and knows what he's been up to and it creeps me out because she knows things about me too. I know she got really agitated when I was really nice to her whe seh was trying to play her little games and make me bad by telling me that some of her stuff was still in my boyfriends room where I now sleep and that she used to wear the sweatshirt that I was wearing that belonged to him. She was obviously lying because my boyfriend didn't even live in that house when they were together so she'd neevr even been in his bedroom and he didn't even own that sweatchirt when they were's just really carzy and I'm a little nervous about what she might do. Most everyone said she wouldn't do anything probably but after that night I'm worried. I've never seen anyone, especially that age act so crazy. She should have been at home with her daughter but instead she was stalking my boyfriend and I...anyway, I'm sorry this is so long but it's been on my mind a great deal an i honestly don't know what I should do. I'm playing it cool right now and I think I've handled things okay on my end but I know she's not even close to being done. My boyfriend just bought a house of his own and will be moving in soon and wants to put in a security alarm. This whole thing is just creeping me out...but thanks for anyone who has advice, I'd really really appreciate it:)

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