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[QUOTE=cuddlyy]aww thanx your all bein very helpfull,its bound to make me scared,i DO feel that at the end of it i would have faced my biggest relationship fear,if i get through this i can face anything,i can face him going out drinking with mates,a male holiday,anything,i just hope and pray he will still want me ad not get tempted by some one else,see im insecure i really dont feel highly of myself but i try my best i think im the best of a girlfriend that i can be if he wanted more then fool me for hanging rounf i guess???[/QUOTE]

I have the same feeling as you have in a relationship. The thing to what helped me was to trick your mind that you are the one. You need to think of positive thoughts. Its hard but once done its more relaxing feeling afterwards. He is your boyfriend for a reason. He is your only. Not everyone cheats. It is a fear but you have to learn to trust him. If he has never done anything to screw things up then you need to look at that as a positive thing. You can make it and if you feel you need some ikinda help while he is gone then go for it.

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