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[QUOTE=sugarpye]I guess...iwill try...
But they way I see it is why do i always have to be the one trying and making the effort...its liek any other realtionshio it takes both people..[/QUOTE]

I'm coming in a bit late on this one, but yes, you're right, sugarpye. A relationship is like a plant. You need to feed it and nurture it in order for it to grow. It sounds like your friend is just no longer willing to feed this relationship. I had a friend like that once, too. We were best friends, or so I thought. We went through a lot together, high school, my going away to college, her getting married and having kids, my struggling to find my nitch in life, her getting divorced, my first real romantic relationship, etc. etc etc. She had always been a bit of a fair-weather friend, around when she needed my help or when there was fun to be had, but when someone came along who was more fun, she'd be gone. It finally reached a point where I would call and she'd say "well, I'm not working this weekend, call me on Friday and we'll do something." I'd call, she'd be gone, I'd leave a message, she wouldn't return it. The weekend would come and go and I wouldnt' hear from her. Then 3 or 4 months later, she'd call, make chit chat for about 30 minutes, then "I get off work tomorrow at noon, call me and we'll see a movie." I'd call at 12, 12:30, 1, no answer. I called her work, "she left an hour ago." Finally, one day, she had moved and she called to give me her new number. I was in the bathroom, my brother took the message. I just never called her, and she never called me back. I feel like I opened a door and she walked through. She didn't want me in her life anymore, but I think felt obligated to call me every few months. But even though I miss her to this day, and hope she's doing ok, I don't miss the relationship. I don't miss being treated with so much disrespect and disregard. I don't think I can really tell you what to do, everyone has to work these things out for themselves, but I do think your friend doesnt' really sound too much like friend, and you need to make some sort of change or you'll continue to be this unhappy. Good luck to you.

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