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I have been with my boyfriend for just over 3 years. We were apart for almost 2 months, but still talked everyday and got back together last month. These last few months have really opened my eyes, and I'm not so sure anymore that he's the guy for me. I do love him very much, but I'm not sure I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Trust is the big issue.

Here's some background info on what's happened the last few months. (Sorry, it's going to be long)

We broke up because we both thought it would be a good idea for us to concentrate on school and our career goals. I initiated the break, and he thought it was a good idea because this is his last year in school and he's swamped with work and placements. He said he didn't want to be distracted with a relationship.

Eventually he told me that the day after we broke up he was sexually involved with a much younger girl, and was her boyfriend. I do appreciate his honesty, but this came weeks after him telling me nothing happened.....then saying that she tried to kiss him and nothing happened......then that he just slept on her couch (again saying nothing happened) get the idea. He kept telling me more and more about what happened with this girl. After that I lost some trust in him. I couldn't be sure if he was telling me the whole truth about anything, I kept wondering if there was more.

So this girl had gone away to school and he said it could never work with her, that she was just a fling. I missed him so much when we were apart so I told him how I felt. He said he still wants to be with me, etc, we got back together.

One day while he was checking his email on my computer, I went to get a book off my desk and saw in his inbox and email from [I]{removed}[/I] . I jokingly asked him if he was meeting women online. He said no, that his friends told him about the site, and he was curious so he signed up and he keeps getting emails. A week later I still couldn't get that website out of my mind, so I decided to look into things. I found out that the site is a sex personals site. This really bothered me and I wanted to find out what he was doing on that site, so I made up info and signed up as a member to that site. I eventually found his profile. He wrote about his schooling and his hobbies, and that he's looking for women to have casual sex with. He wrote for his title 'if you are ever in town, and want some fun...'. I couldn't believe it. I went to talk to him and ask him again about that website. I asked him what he wrote in his profile if he was just curious. He told me that he wrote about his hobbies and his career goals. He said 'just general stuff'. He lied right to my face. How can I ever trust him? And how can I know he hasn't already cheated on me?

I'm just looking for some advice on what to do. Part of me thinks I should confront him about the profile, dump him and walk away. But I still care deeply about him, and don't want to loose him, even as just a friend.

I'm so confused!!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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