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I recently found out that the guy I am with for 6mons and lives with me and my twin boys has been lying to me.
He lied to me about money he said he could pay my car bill and car ins after we discussed me leaving my full time job to return to school F/T. He wrote the checks for both my car bill and car ins and the checks bounced.

He lied to me about money again when it came to him not having any and told me he got it from work as and advance and he really borrowed it from my moms boyfriend.

Lastly he told me I was talking in my sleep about someone name dee, which is my ex and that I was saying how much I loved him and missed him and how much he satisfies me in bed. not too long after that i was cleaning out my purse when I came across and olf note from Dee that I never tossed out. In my own opinion I think that He invaded my privacy and went through my purse and found it and plotted the whole talking in my sleep thing to see if I was cheating on him.

This past saturday I confronted him with all of this and he denies going through my purse.
I don't believe him. He admitted to the lies about the money.

Since I found all this out my feelings for him have changed greatly. I don't want him to touch me or kiss me. I can't sleep next to him. I have the feeling there are more lies and he is not telling me. I get the ill feeling when he comes home from work and I am sick to my stomach.

I am looking for some advice as what to do. I don't know If I can stay with him. After the lying. In past relationships If lies were found out I just broke it off. Please Help!!
I'm so sorry to hear your dilema. But honesty is #1 in a relationship! If it's only been 6 months and he's lying to you already, he has problems and he's only going to keep doing it. Maybe he's insecure and lies to try to protect himself (he thinks you are cheating). If something is holding you back from leaving him, then bring this up to him. Ask him if maybe he's just afraid of losing you. He may open up and admit that this is the reason for his lies and defensiveness.
According to my knowledge, it's very rare for someone to talk coherently in their sleep. What I mean is, if you are talking in your sleep chances are you are just blurting out random words- or you may say one sentence then wake yourself up. I can't imagine you'd go into detail about how you love and miss Dee in your sleep. So yes, he probably found the note and is looking for a way to determine if you're cheating. Sadly, I did something similar to my boyfriend! Not a good thing!! I learned my lesson.
Just try confronting him on it. If honesty is still #1, that means YOU have to be honest with HIM as well! If he denies things and continues to lie, then get rid of him.
I agree with the posters. Do you want this man as a role model for these boys? That's not a man, he's a lier. He took it from YOUR mom's boyfriend? Unreal! He would be out so fast he wouldn't know what hit him. I married a lier. I hate it, I hate it , I hate it. It doesn't stop. They start with that and everything that comes out of their mouths you don't know if it's the truth. Why live like that? I would tell him you bought him an apartment to live in for the time being, give him some old key and an address to some scum bag hotel. See how it feels to be lied to. Nice of him to screw up your credit. Get rid of this jerk, if you don't there's only more to come and you'll only have yourself to blame. Don't let him make you think that he's the "victim". Tell him to go pack sand!!!!!

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