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I'm so sorry to hear your dilema. But honesty is #1 in a relationship! If it's only been 6 months and he's lying to you already, he has problems and he's only going to keep doing it. Maybe he's insecure and lies to try to protect himself (he thinks you are cheating). If something is holding you back from leaving him, then bring this up to him. Ask him if maybe he's just afraid of losing you. He may open up and admit that this is the reason for his lies and defensiveness.
According to my knowledge, it's very rare for someone to talk coherently in their sleep. What I mean is, if you are talking in your sleep chances are you are just blurting out random words- or you may say one sentence then wake yourself up. I can't imagine you'd go into detail about how you love and miss Dee in your sleep. So yes, he probably found the note and is looking for a way to determine if you're cheating. Sadly, I did something similar to my boyfriend! Not a good thing!! I learned my lesson.
Just try confronting him on it. If honesty is still #1, that means YOU have to be honest with HIM as well! If he denies things and continues to lie, then get rid of him.

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