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Hey, everyone, My name is Christina! i am 20. I have a boyfriend for 2years now, and he is a nice guy, he dont drink, smoke, or do drugs, just like i dont eathier, but he doesnt make me laugh, we dont have anything in comman, and he is to imature for me. I seem to find things in comman with females a lot, than i wind up falling in love with them!! forinstance, My old girl best friend for six years i knew her, i fell in love with her!! but check it i didnt know know her for six years straight, because our relationship was weird, six years ago we met in a psychiatric center, and i found out she lives only 10minutes from me, so we swapped numbers. and became friends, but than we lost contact, over a year, for some strange reason, that i dont remember, but than 2 years later, i bump back into her at an alternative high school far away, than we become friends again, then we lost contact again, i dont remember why this happened again eathier, been then 3years after that I bump into this girl again, and this was on a bus, then from that point we stayed in contact, until she hated my boyfriend and all the bad **** he did to me, and she got jealous of him and she always wanted me to hang out with her and choose her or him. i didnt choose, so problems between us got worse, but than i realized i was in love with her, but in love with her for her heart and kindness, and that she was just like me. i wasnt in love with her for her physical attractivness or for sex. she is beautiful, but i aint into looks. i loved her for herself, but i never got around to telling her this. but i did tell her that i was in love with her, and she freaked out, and didnt talk to me after that, saying she dont talk to lesbians, and she thought i was her best friend, but check this out, we dont talk for a year, then i go into another mental instution, and i start talking to this stranger who is a girl, and who happens to be good friends with the girl i love. weird. so i give this girl my number to give to the girl i was in love with. so the girl i loved called me a few days later, and told me that she already knew my number, and that she had been looking for me for a yr now. and top things off she told me she had a girlfriend, when i told her that i was in love with her, but things didnt work out for them. then again we driffted apart. i dont know why??? but after a month or so i leave her mean text messages, because i was heart broken because she was blowing me off when i was in love with her, but i think she did that because i had a boyfreind, and she hated him and she wanted me to give him up, alright now so 5months pasts 2days ago i call her out of nowwhere, and some weird girl picks up. i say is there a steffanie at this number. i was trying to play dumb, even though i knew she still had the same number, but this time a different girl picked up, aand i have no clue what she said, so i called back 10minutes later and asked again are u sure there aint no steffanie at this number. and she tells me there is but she aint in and she will call me back. alright so i call her back, and i find out that was her girlfriend and she moved to new jersey, thats 2hours away from me, and i told the girl i loved which i spoke to 2 days ago that i missed her and think about her everyday. and that im sorry for all the problems we had in the past, but that she really broke my heart because i was in love with her and she blew me off. she told me that in her book i was always her best friend, than when i told her that i was in love with her i screwed up her whole mental and emotional state she said. she said u cant fall in love with your best friend. i said of course u can, people do all the time, then i kept crying and crying, and i know she was sad, because i was crying on the phone to her, because i couldnt believe she has a gf. then i hung up in her face, and said have a good life, because i was so hurt!!! but check it i really think that where meant to be. look how we met and kept bumping back into each other. i still love her, and want her back, but i dont think she will ever call me again since she has a girl. so please help!!! maybe she does have feeling for me, because the other day, when she told me she has a girl, i said, than maybe i shouldnt tell u what i was going to tell you then, and then she said tell me!!! why would she care what i have to say to her, if shes in love with her girlfreind??? Im so heartbroken!! i can never find guys that are just like me. i have a great personality, but kindve shy, and i dont look for guys, i want them to find me. plus i still have my boyfriend!! so someone help me!! sorry that this is so long!!! your friend, christina

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