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Hi everyone. I'm twenty years old and have been going out with my boyfriend for 2.5 years. However during this time, we have been doing it long distance (we're 2.5 hrs apart, but see each other once a week). Anyway he's moving up to where I live in a few months, but he has suggested MOVING IN with me.
I'm really not sure about it- I'm only 20 and don't want to be shacked up like we're a married couple at such a young age.Also since we've going out long distance- i've never really been around him 24x7- I don't know if it'll work. I'm also a really light/bad sleeper, and I don't really like the idea of sleeping in the same bed with him every night. He weezes, and moves around heaps. I know its dumb, but i'm worrried I'll get bad insomnia.

I really care about him and love being with him, but also I like my 'own space'.
The trouble is he has no where else to live, and it would help me out heaps sharing with someone in terms of sharing the rent/financially + i enjoy his company.
To cut to the chase I was just wondering if anyone has shared with their boyfriend/girlfriend in the same apartment, but in separate rooms. I was thinking that we could sleep separately during the week so that I can sleep properly so I'm not tired at work, and then on weekends we could sleep with each other and do all that sort of stuff.

I feel really weird about the separate rooms idea and just wanted to know if anyone else does it? Is it a weird idea?
Any comments would be appreciated!!!
I believe her initial problem was that she was not sure to 1.) If she wanted him to move in with her, or 2.) How he would react to sleeping in another bed because of her sleeping problems. She said since that first post that she has spoken to him about the whole thing, and seems to be replying the rest of our posts now.

As for couples who don't sleep in the same bed: (snoring, jimmy legs, thrashers, and insomniacs are some of the unfortunate reasons)--that does'nt mean these couples are any less in love. It just sucks. Has anyone here ever seen those sleep documenteries, or slept with someone with these problems? If they want a good night's sleep, they need a king size bed or another sleeing area. It does'nt mean that they do not love them and the rest of their relationship is not good. Christopher Reeve could'nt sleep in the same bed with his wife, but as far as I know, he and his wife were still committed to their relationship regardless of the sleeping arrangement.

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