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[QUOTE=healthseeker]Not neccessarily, my DH snores LOUD and on occasion he gets "sent" to sleep in another bedroom. :D I also suffer from fibromyalgia and we he sees that I have not slept well for a few days, he will go to another room so that I really crash. So, I understand the insomnia thing! I know, Typical Girlie, that's different right? However, I don't want to end up with separate rooms ever! I think it is unatural for a couple to do that. My sister and her husband sleep in different rooms. I almost get the feeling that they are just "friends" more than lovers anymore - everything they do is centered around thier daughter. They used to say that they just got kinda crowded in a queen size bed and needed a king - they now have a king and the arrangements are still the same. Who knows!

I agree that you will probably get used to each other's sleeping pattern more than you realize - but get a 2 bedroom apt. just in case you need "one of those nights".[/QUOTE]

Hi everyone, I'm sorta even more confused about what I'm going to do- but I really do appreciate all your advice :) I don't want us sleeping separately forever(like when we're married)- I just want to sleep mainly separate at the moment cos of my stress/sleeping (maybe for 6 months) and also cos I'm too young and don't feel confortable. I guess my attitude of not sleeping together is cos of my family background. My mum is TOTALLY against me sleeping with my boyfriend, and doesn't believe in sex before marriage. She would prefer if he were just a 'mere friend' and she said I can share with him if we have separate rooms.
I don't let my mum run my life, but if we were to get a one bedroom flat- then she would NOT BE HAPPY and it would cause a lot of arguments. Also I agree that a two bedroom flat would give me flexibility in sleeping arrangements. At the moment my b/f seems like he'll go along with the idea, but who knows how long that will last. For him, he doesnt want to sleep with me for sex reasons (cos we're virgins)-- but he just says he wants to be close to me. But after a while of him being in a separate room, he might start geting bothered by it....

In a way he seems more committed than me cos he sometimes says stuff like 'when we get married..''...but for me I don't like thinking that far ahead. I really do care about him- he is my boyfriend and a best friend..but i'm only 20!! He's my first boyfriend, and I'm his first girlfriend.

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