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Hi, I have spoken to my boyfriend about this, and he said he'd rather share the same bed as me(but will sleep in the other room if I really want him to, cos he knows I can't sleep properly when I'm with him). He knows that its not about him- it's cos I can't sleep properly cos he breathes noisy, moves a lot etc. He's a pretty caring person, and he seems to understand. I'm not a person who sleeps very well in the first place, so having a person next to me really doesn't help. We stayed at a hotel the other night, and I took about 4 hrs to get to sleep.

I just thought that separate rooms would be more flexible- we can sleep separately and get a good nights sleep, and when we want to we can sleep together. I don't know how well it'll work in practice tho-- he may keep sneaking into my room or we may feel weird knowing the other person is in the room next door.

About his friends- a lot of them don't have girlfriends anyway and if they come around we could just pretend we sleep together so he doesn't get hassled???But that's my whole point, i just 'see' separate rooms as abnormal for a couple.. that's why I wanted to know how common it ACTUALLY is amongst couples. I think that will make my boyfriend feel better knowing that other girls feel the same as me....

If he really loves me, we have our whole lives to sleep with each other later on..

I'd welcome any advice/comments anyone can give me.. thanks heaps!
My bf and I have been living together for almost 4 years. We only have a full size bed and it has grown increasingly smaller over the years. We are going to invest in a King as soon as possible. Until then there are nights he sleeps in the other room. This has NOTHING to do will loss of intimacy or wanting to be close. It has everything to do with getting a good nights sleep without having to be woken up by his thrashing and restless legs! I think wanting to sleep well because you are a troubled sleeper is not wrong at all! I think that maybe this is a mask to the real issue though. You are really young, are you ready for such a huge commitment? It seems the idea of him moving in with you came about due to convenience, not due to a desire from both parties. I think you and your bf should start out being together in the same town, but living separately. You said that you are long distance and unsure of how it will be to be with him 24/7. Start out enjoying your relationship with no pressure or stress of living together. It will make things a lot easier and if the living together thing sounds good later on, do it.

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