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[QUOTE=Flower_03]Typical girlie, you seem to be very cynical... I don't think its your place to say we are not committed. We have been going out for nearly 3 years- we have stuck by each other and cared for each other all this time. Teh fact that we have not had sex and he has stuck by me shows that he's got some commitment. I never said I was going to remain a virgin before marriage, all I said was that we weren't planning on having sex until we were fully ready. We are not together for 'financial reasons'... we actually enjoy each other's company. I know you are just trying to offer your opinion, but I find that it seems like you are just attacking our relationship.[/QUOTE]

Flower....Typical is going by the facts, this is the first we're hearing about a 3 year relationship. It's apparent that your original post is if sharing a flat and the two peple sleeping separately if that would be considered odd? Somehow we've gotten a little carried away. I see the two of you seem commited seemed to state that you were originally uncertain about the arrangement because you require your own space. A little unusual for two people committed to sleep separately but with your need for sleep and difficulty getting it while sleeping with another person may be the exception to the rule. And your boyfriend seems to be okay with the idea although he states that he would like to share the same bed despite your need for space but will go to another room if you need your sleep.

I say that you just have to be open & honest about your need for space so that you don't face the unexpected. I would also recommend a trial period where you agree to not have hurt feelings if it gets to the point that one or the other reevaluates the situation and wants to get a separate flat.

Just thought I'd let you know that peoples opinions will vary from post to post and it is sometimes difficult to offer advice when you don't have all the information. Please don't see it as being cynical....everyone is hear to help...some shoot from the hip like TG and some from the heart. Either way they only wish you well......Goody :wave:

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