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[QUOTE=promisez]Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? In other words, he's getting the sex anyway and now you're both deciding whether to "play house" together? No reason at all for a commitment from him and if he does have an affair, you have no recourse except to ask him to leave. He needs his own place and if you need help that bad, get a female roomate.[/QUOTE]

Hey, thanks for the replies. But I think you guys don't understand the situation. My boyfriend has not asked to live with me cos he wants sex. WE ARE BOTH VIRGINS!!! We're waiting until the right time. I have really strong morals- that's why I haven't succumed to sex yet. He is respectful of this cos we've been going out for nearly 3 years.

Basically I'm reluctant to share with someone other than him - I've shared all thru UNI in dorms and with flatmates - they always make too much noise. THat's contributed to why I am a poor sleeper and stress. My boyfriend doesn't know anyone here- so has no friends he can share with. It doesn't make sense to have to make him share with strangers, while I have an apartment of my own.

He is a very sweet guy and he isn't agreeing to sleep in a separate bed cos he is not enthusiastic about the relationship. At the moment I am at university (I've just finished my degree). I have been really stressed about study (and he knows that) and that is related to my sleeping problems. I'm no longer studying since finishing uni, so i'm hoping in the future I'm not such a fussy sleeper.
He is also financially well off- he is GONNA be paying me half the rent, buying food etc. He is not trying to bludge off me- actually he is the one who always wants to buy everything for me!!!
I just thought it would be nice to be flat mates (be around each other), but the whole separate bed thing is just cos i'm a poor sleeper and not ready for sleeping together. I'm not ready for sex- so sleeping together every nite is a big step...

does this extra information change people's views???

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