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Re: Trust..
Nov 15, 2004
It is probably due to not having enough self-esteem. If you were completely comfortable with yourself, then you would have no reason to entertain thoughts that your boyfriend might want to stray. It seems like maybe you are focusing too much on the relationship, and not worrying enough about what is going on in your [I]own[/I] life (career, social, or recreation-wise).

Whatever you do, don't tell your boyfriend that you are worried he will cheat. It will make you look insecure, which is never attractive. You must always go out of your way to act nonchalant when he is around other women, and project the attitude that you know there isn't anything to worry about - he'd be an idiot to screw you over. Unless you have a real, concrete reason to suspect he is cheating - then you can call him on it.

Thing is, worrying over whether or not a boyfriend will cheat is pointless. Because if he DOES cheat? Well then he has proved that he is not worth your affection, and you can move on to something better. Don't hang onto a relationship as though it is the be-all and end-all of your life.

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