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If any of you remember my last thread called "I think he just ended it!!!", I am currently dating someone who is 14 yrs older than I, and he did end it, but is back again. He is gone alot on business, and does some side work for our company that I work with. So therefore I will still have to see him at work. Not alot, but about a day a week.

We have had weeks that we don't talk much at all, and other weeks where we talk all the time. The interest level for him seems to rise and decline often. Therefore I am convinced that maybe we are not for one another.

I was the one who didn't want to get serious with him at first, and he really wanted to. Then when I decided I wanted to he had started to pull away. Then he started calling again, and appologizing and called all the time while he was away. Last time he was gone was last week. He called me last Sat. and we talked, he called Sunday, I wasn't home, then he didn't call me again until Thursday even though he had been home since Wed., and I didn't see him until Friday. I was basically convinced that it was over, he lost interest, and then I seen him again Saturday for about an hour. He called me lastnight and we talked for a few hours.

He seems really into it now. He tells me how lonely he is and wants me to be there with him more. He seems like he is always alone and hates it. He was talking about Christmas presents and spending new years together. He couldn't wait to have me stay over night & tells me how much he misses me and can't wait to hold me. He calls my parents house for me once in awhile and has conversations with my mom,and says he wants to meet them. He wants to spend the night at my place with me.

I'm just starting to get sick of the drama. I do like him, but his ups and downs are getting old. I think that I should end things between us but I just want to do it in the best possible way, and the least hurtful way. He is really a nice guy. Maybe it's the age gap that's making it harder. We are still going to have to be around each other at times.

Any suggestions would be great.

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