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[QUOTE=Ruth6:11]Your best bet would be to re-read Ninispjc's again and try some of those ideas!!

Desirable actually comes from the inside out despite what all the advertising companies and magazines covers would have you think.


Hail Hail and Amen three times over! This is what took me so long to get through my thick skull. No matter how beautiful or "hot" you are, a man can look for only so long. Yes it's important to take care of yourself, eat right, get exercise, take care of your skin and hair, put your best foot forward, but no matter how pretty you are, there will always be someone hotter, younger, prettier. You will never feel free, strong and comfortable in your own skin by being the prettiest one there. Don't you know some guys who just go nuts for Brittany Spears, and some guys who don't like her at all? Some guys who think Tyra Banks is a total babe and some guys who would step all over her to get to Heidi Klume or Elle McPherson? And some guys who think all those girls are dogs compared to Kiera Knightley? Beauty is subjective, and only skin deep. The true, real beauty is knowing yourself, being the best you that you can be, and being at peace with who you are. This enables you to be the kind of person that has the kind of beauty that hooks a man for life long after physical looks fade: generosity, thoughtfulness, the confidence to go out in the world and offer it all your riches, without robbing someone else of their power or personality, strength, courage, the ability to be right without making others wrong, warm-heartedness, being happy for others' good fortune, etc. Look at it this way: Is your boyfriend desirable to you because he's the cutest guy in town with the best body and the nicest car? Or is he desirable to you because he's funny, smart, fun to be with, confident, friendly, sweet, considerate and thoughtful, etc etc etc? The same applies to you. Within the last 6 months or so, I met this woman at work. She's physically attractive, but hardly a supermodel. Hardly really a classic "beauty" at all. But her best feature is her eyes. They are a brilliant greenish-blue, so she plays them up with very flattering eye make-up. She plays down her other features. She has a small gap between her two front teeth so she never wears dark or bright lipstick. She keeps in shape and wears clothes that are not tarty or too revealing, but feminine and flattering to her own assets. She has learned to make the most of what she has. But most importantly, she has an air of openness, friendliness and confidence that everyone loves. When she comes in the office (she comes in once a month) everyone comes running to say hi to her and talk to her because she makes everyone feel like a long lost best friend. She's totally comfortable in her own skin, always has a sweet, funny thing to say to everyone, looks on the bright side. This is by far what makes her so desirable. It's my goal to be more like her.

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