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[QUOTE=Hoop]Am I allowed to post a question here, as only the second guy to respond to this female hormone laden thread. :)

If this is so true, then why do girls keep getting it so wrong? No offense, but this is a very legitimate question that needs to be addressed. I really don't know the answer. Honest. We guys would like to know the answer, especially us older guys. :) So, Hit Me! ... with your gut instinct! Don't second guess here.

Thank you!, thank you!... thank you very much!


Well, if I may take a stab at this, I think women get it wrong because:
1) They may be just sick of waiting, sick of kissing all the frogs, and think they can change him, save him, fix him

2) We're socialized in all sorts of ways to accept it to some degree. Girls aren't supposed to be too loud, or stand up for themselves too much, they arent' supposed to get angry. I was in a dr. office once and a woman had two girls with her, and they were playing in the waiting room and every time they started to get a little loud, she would say "girls, be quiet you're getting loud." then a couple came in two boys and while the mother checked in, the father said "I'm going to take them out to the parking lot and let them run around." Boys are socialized to be acctive rather than reactive much more than girls are. Girls are socialized to basically take what's been handed to them and try to make the best of it much more. Even in the games boys and girls play. Boys' games stress problem solving and team work. Girls' games stress getting along and "playing nice." Also, from Cinderella the Beauty and the Beast to Sleeping Beauty, the moral to all the fairy tales is the same. If you're pretty and sweet and loving enough, your prince will come and your pure, true love will transform him into a loving protector and you'll live happily ever after.
3) PLUS the fact that women make up 52% of the population, and because our biological clock runs out sooner than a man's, and for a whole host of reasons, time is not on our side the way it is for a man, so desperation sometimes plays a part.

I also had a gut instinct my ex didn't really love me. Actually, it was more than a gut instinct, it was flat out there for all to see. I guess I stayed so long because I simply didn't want to go back to the life I had before I met him. I was so happy to have someone, and I was prepared to hold on to him at any price. Of course I learned the hard way you can't really hold on to someone who never loved you in the first place, but we think we can for some reason. There are all sorts of reasons why we choose to ignore our gut instincts, even if it's at our own peril.

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