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[QUOTE=roxychic0437]im going out with Aaron, william just likes me and wants me to break it off with aaron..[/QUOTE]

Maybe you should try living life w/o a boyfriend for awhile - and worry about YOU for a change

[QUOTE]ahhh and i cant bear the thought of aaron not liking me or going out with someone else.[/QUOTE]

When someone treats you one way when you are alone with them and another way in front of others - it is a BIG RED FLAG - they are manipulaters and have insecurites of thier own. To be fair, - that everyone at your age is working on these insecurities - it is normal to have them with all the changes that are occuring at that time - but NOT OKAY to take them out on others.

ALso, there is a teen board on here - if you are not finding us as helpful as you need.

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