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[QUOTE=elatedgiraffe] So, I have let go of my ex. I am learning that I can't control everything and am trying to let life happen naturally. In the meantime of all this I feel that I need to make changes and choices, yet I have no idea what they are. If I just did what made me happy in the moment then in the long run I'd be in some serious I am trying to figure out if I do what makes me happy for the moment or do what is best in the long run...and to find that will power.[/QUOTE]

So..go with this, it's a start.'s time you learn what will make you happy. Try to take the pressure off of yourself that you have to be married by a certain age and have kids and be settled down. Right now you know that you are not ready for that at all. You won't be until you are standing on your own two feet feeling confident and loving who you are. Nobody is perfect Elated, we all make mistakes and wrong choices...and learn from them. If that weren't so there would be nobody here to respond to you.

I think you may be being a little too hard on yourself. Give yourself a break and let're a great person who just needs time to get reacquainted with herself. Perhaps start by getting that Dr. Phil book..can't say that I read it but it makes a lot of sense "Self Matters" matter Elated and you need to expose yourself to positive things...don't allow the negative in life to get you down. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. Do not allow yourself to think or be around negative. Type up some positive phrases and post them throughout your home, at your workplace and whenever a negative thought comes to mind read one of them to put you back on track. It's a start...try it :D :D I want you to try to pick out a book that you will read such as the one that I suggested that will help point you in the right direction. Take yourself to a bookstore and look through the self help books and I WANT YOU TO POST WHAT YOU PICKED it ASAP. Can you??? I've been here with you watching you tread water in the sea of's time you start to swim ashore....Goody :angel:

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