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I think you will feel better if you ignore any contact from him. Until he knows what he wants then he should leave you alone. Now its time for you to decide are you going to wait on him to make up his mind (if he ever does) or are you going to make the decision for yourself. That maybe what he wants, at least thats how my ex wanted it. He wanted me to make the BIG decision..this is all a guess since I really don't know what happened to our relationship.

I think your guy is using this "you've been with someone else" as an excuse to play these games. He knows darn well you haven't and if he did suspect then he should trust your word. I just think hes using this so it looks like its your fault things didn't work out, because after all you've been with someone else :rolleyes: . Another cowardly thing to do. Its either that or he wants to see how bad you want to be with him. He wants to see you plead for him to beleive you that you haven't been with someone else. Forget it. I just don't like that hes using this excuse now. Anyway, what does it matter if you WERE with someone else. He broke things off, or a break, and has NO commitment to you. Does he really expect that you'll just wait, begging him back for the next 6 months? Come on.

Last night was rough for me. I found a video tape of me and my ex at the beach. I couldn't help but watch it. I missed seeing his face, his expressions and his voice. I cried myself to sleep. It was painful, but it wasn't as painful as before. I mean I hurt and I cried, but it wasn't as much to the core this time. Maybe I'm just getting used to the pain? I just have no idea what happened...he loved me so much, or at least showed love towards we aren't even its like I'm dead to him. I just don't get how someone can invest that much time into someone and wake up oneday and want no contact with them. I mean, he treated me like I did something to I cheated on him or something. Urrghhh..forget it. Another day, another day.

Hang in there stormgirl. I really think once you stop talking to him altogether you'll feel better. And he'll realize he no longer has the upper hand and if he wants to speak to you then he has to be mature about it and come to some type of conclusion to all this. His little games are working because he has you right where he wants you. You can't control his actions. You can't control this situation. You CAN control how you respond to him and the situation. He can't play games if nobody is playing back..

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