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Re: He emailed
Nov 21, 2004
hi, :wave:

thanks for your responses...i will say that the reason i can't see him wanting to go through the drama again just for sex is because we were close friends for almost 2 years before this this has always been coming on and it just happened to start at the wrong time...bascially just as things seemed to be getting too close for friends (without anything really happening but you just know kinda thing) i got on a plane and flew to england for 3 weeks to visit a girlfriend of mine and by the time i got back he was dating one of the other girls at work...oh yes...i worked with him...that' s how we met. this girl who is the one he cheated with me...pursued him....she even told me he was really backing away but i got back and acted fine with it and said i was happy for them and therefore it carried on. the thing was that we never talked seriously about a relationship before i left...just in the flirting it was that critical point that i left...he had no allegience to me or i just thought..okay well that' s not meant to be so i'll move on..

but when i became friends with her because she would come to me..knowing him and i were close friends...wanting info on his past and such...i ended up hanging out with them alot and him and i got closer and closer till he finally said we should finally do somthing about this...i think we both thought that maybe we should just get it out of our systems...(it just didnt' seem to make being together...i even admitted that...he's younger...i was his supervisor at work...we were on different paths in life)...but when things started happening...(i did resist for the longest time...but yes..had a few weak moments...but remember we were close this made it hard to back off) got very awkard...and i started being mean to him...telling him this meant nothing and it had to stop and we shouldn't of done this cause now it's awkard...but he would not discuss it...and all he could say to me asking why he was acting awkard and not being his normal flirty self was that he was nervous.

the wierd thing is that stuff still randomly happened if we happened to be in the right place at the right was never planned...and it seemed inevitable...we knew it was wrong, crazy, and would affect us but couldn't help it...and we didn't at all understand what was going on...

so, in the end..we just kinda avoided eachother cause it was too awkard to see eachother...we couldn't just be friends again...and that really hurt me and maybe him too. and he had started seeing after i screamed and yelled and called him down etc...(because yes he does have a player rep.) he still came to my going away party and hugged me...was jealous that his friend kept asking me out...wrote on my card that he would be in my city alot this year and would defintely see me soon and that was it and there was no contact...and you guys know the rest of the story from my first post...

so you see it was a 6 month thing...that felt like we broke up...since we were friends...if we hadn't of worked together and been friends...this wouldn't be so complicated...and if his email was just a friendly email then i wouldn't be freaked out...but it had sexual undertones..or so it that is why i'm confused as to what he is thinking.... :confused:
Re: He emailed
Nov 24, 2004
No matter how much you might feel for him, or how much you ache for him, you deserve much better than someone that cheats!!! If he cheated on his gf with you then its positive that he's going to cheat on you as well. It seems to me that he's one ot those guys that just wants sex. Do yourself a favor girlfriend and forget about him!!!! You can do much better!!!

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