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A while ago I posted a topic about an ex-boyfriend of mine that has been calling me from Texas and asking me to move there to be with him. Well, for those of you that told me he was bad news, you couldn't have been more right.

We had been talking about me moving there for 2 months. We talked about a lot more than that too, like questions about if we ever wanted to get married, have kids, etc. (but not necessarily with each other, just in general). All these topics were brought up by him. He always wanted to talk about important, serious topics. He even had things like how we would budget our money and the kinds of things we'd do together all planned out for when I got there. Well, he came into town and boy did everything change...

This week, the 15th, he came into town and was going to be here for about a week to visit and then I was going to go back to Texas to stay with him for a week. Keep in mind our phone conversations were going really well and he seemed genuinely excited and interested to see me and to live with me. SEEMED is the keyword there. He got here at noon on Monday and came to my house first. When I opened the door, he acted like he just saw me 3 days ago when infact it had been a year since we were in person together. He barely touched me, he didn't kiss me until he left, and the hug we shared was less emotional than if I was hugging a stranger. He stayed at my house for maybe 45 mins and then went over to his buddy's house where he was primarily going to be staying for the week while he was in town. I called him at 5pm, having not heard from him all day. He was supposed to meet me at this coffee shop that I sing at every week on Monday's at 7 that night, but I hadn't heard from him at all. So I called and he was "playing XBox with his buddy" so he said he'd call me later. I went to the coffee shop (Sacred Grounds) with my friend and waited there until he finally called me at 8:30. "He and his friend Scott were on their way to Sacred" he said, but by this time I was really upset and not feeling much up to singing. He got there and I questioned him about what the hell was going on. He brushed it off, acting like it was no big deal that he barely spent anytime with the person he was supposed to be moving in with the first day he was in town. We talked a little more about it and then left to go to Scott's house.

Once at Scott's, he all but completely ignored me. He played to his dog, who he hadn't seen in 6 months, more than he even acknowledged my presence. We sat there and watched TV for about 2 hours and then they started playing XBox. I sat there, bored and ignored, for nearly an hour and then my friend Becky called me. We talked for a bit about what was going on and then I went outside to continue the conversation. When I came back, the dog was laying in my spot on the couch (to which Brandon --the ex-- didn't even try to move him), so I had to sit on the other couch which was basically across the room and behind the couch Brandon and Scott were sitting on. I sat there all by myself, still ignored and getting angrier and sadder by the minute. I finally had enough and threw on my coat. He said "You finally gonna join the party?" and I replied "I'm going home." To that he said "Oh it's like that, is it?" I didn't say anything and made my way to the back door. He didn't trun his eyes from the TV once. "You can't get out that way" Scott said, so I turned around and replied "Fine.." and made my way to the stairs that led to the first floor. Then Brandon said "Do you atleast want a ride?" I laughed in frustration and went to the stairs. "You got somewhere to go?" Scott asked him, which meant 'are you gonna chase her' and Brandon replied "Nope.." I almost got to the top of the stairs but instead of leaving I just sat there, completely amazed at what was happening. My heart was pounding and I wanted to cry but couldn't. As I sat there, I overheard them talking. "So you goin' after her?" Scott asked. Brandon replied "The last thing I want to do is chase after her. This is my f***ing vacation. I don't need to deal with this drama sh**." It would have taken me less than 5 minutes by car to get to my house from Scott's and walking it would have taken longer. It was also cold and raining outside. I sat there on the stairs, wanting to leave, but for some reason I couldn't go. I knew I needed to and I knew I should have, but something inside me just couldn't go. I went back down the stairs and he said "Welcome back." I just sat there, back on the couch across the room by myself for maybe another 45 minutes and then they stopped playing the video game. Scott went outside to smoke (weed, that is, which I HATE by the way) so I went to the other couch to sit next to him. I said "So chasing me was the last thing you were gonna do, huh?" He replied "I asked if you wanted a ride. You ignored me. I don't like being ignored. That's rude," so I said "With all do respect, neither do I." "My attention didn't have to be completely on the game," he said. I said something along the lines of "That is not even close to the point."

To shorten this already long story, I ended up spending the night there that night because I didn't want to walk home and he was too stoned to take me. (He knows I hate weed, btw, but he smoked anyway.) The rest of the night he pretty much ignored me, but once we laid down on the couch to sleep, he was holding me and kissing the top of my head and cuddling with me like none of this other sh** ever happened. The next morning, 9:30ish, he took me home and told me to call him later so we could meet up and hang out. I called him around 5pm, it rang 7 times and I got his voicemail. I left a message and then called again later but only got 2 rings before the voicemail came up. I haven't heard from him since Tuesday morning (the 16th).

So you guys were right. He's a complete son-of-a-b****. What I don't understand is why he would say any of the things he said if he was just gonna end up doing this to me. He had nothing to gain by doing this. I feel like I can never trust another guy again after this. Maybe I was being naive and stupid about him, but if you guys were in my shoes, you would have believed him too. He was more convincing than any actor I've ever seen in any movie. He didn't only fool me.. he fooled my family, my friends, even his own mother.

So it's over, and for good this time. I've said that before, but after what he did to me this week, after how he made me feel, the next time I see him it's going to take everything in me not to beat the life out of him. He completely destroyed any trust I'll ever had in a guy. I don't know how my trust for other people will ever recover after this.

I'm not looking for advice, I just wanted to update those of you that knew about this. Be very careful who you trust. And take this advice: Leave the past in the past. Dating someone that you have already dated is a sure fire way to get your heart broken. Don't go looking for happiness in the past. If you do, chances are it will make finding happiness in your future a thousand times harder.

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