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I am 22 years old and just ended a relationship with my ex-girlfreind about three months ago. We dated for over a year, and I could not of asked for more in a girl. We were so in love and always talked about getting married. She would always bring it up, and always talked about having my children. Anyways, last year was her first year of college, and my fourth. We went the whole year and it was still great, and saw eachother all the time. Then in the last month of school, i found out she cheated on me with 2 diffrent guys. I was of course heartbroken, and she would call me all the time crying and apoligizing that she made this mistake.

I still loved her, but couldnt trust her. Over this summer, we still talked and saw eachother a several times. All she ever did was tell me how she couldnt live if I didnt want to be with her, and that she could NEVER LOVE SOMEONE or BE WITH ANYONE again, because she knew that I was the one.

Well, I realized that I couldnt trust her, so it would not work, and she wanted to remain freinds, cuz she said she needed me in her life. I eventually stopped talking to her, and this is where the stupid part comes in.

It seriously makes me laugh, but also a little mad, just becuase of all the things she said to get me back with her. It only took a month for her to have a new boyfreind, but that only lasted a month, then she tried to get in contact with me, and told my friends that she missed me. Then only a month after that, which is now, she has found the "love of her life". Everything that she has ever said to me, she is saying to her new boyfreind.

As you can see, it just totally upsets me that she can say that she can never be with anyone cuz she loves me, and then have two differetn boyfriends in a couple months time. How can you "love" 3 different people in 3 months?

Is this normal for girls? I really think she has a problem and will take attention from whoever gives it to her, which is weird because she is drop dead gorgeous. Anyway, if anyone has any comments bout this situation, let me know please.

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