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Losing a loved one is like losing a limb - nomatter how long they're not there, we still sense theres something missing.

I think its as normal to miss an ex boyfriend as it is to miss a deceased friend/relative etc.

Boyfirends are not only lovers, they're dear friends who play a HUGE role in our lives, but sadly when the romatic part is over, the friendship part is cast aside.

I've been separated from my ex of 5 years for over 2 years now, and I still sometimes dream about him or think of him. Its getting less and less over the years, but I can't help thinking that I lost something immensely valuable when I lost him.
[QUOTE=soulster]Wanted to add that I can relate. I have been married for one year almost and I still think of a guy from way back when I was in college. I guess I will always keep that guy in my heart, for my own reasons, but I still love my husband dearly if that makes any sense?? Maybe each person we meet is a different type of love, so after you break up, you dont have to let go of them completely, you can just hold onto what that person gave you even if it was in the past and yet still hold onto the emotions, thoughts, and acts that another person will give you in the present and for the future.[/QUOTE]

Theres nothing wrong with loving someone you used to be with. We can't just chose to not love all the wonderful things about someone just because we don't date them anymore.

I think we all have people that will stay in our hearts. I have an ex who then became a friend and I also have an ex boyfriend - both will ALWAYS remain in my heart no matter how long i don't see them or who I'll end up with.

They pose no threat to any new love though. i don't want them back, but they just did something to me inside and I can't just throw that away.
[QUOTE=sunshineahead]Either that, or look up your ex![/QUOTE]

No not that :eek: This could create many problems :p To me they are an ex for a reason and if this is someone from 10 years ago then there is no need to contact them to say hi. If a person has a new boyfriend thier consentration should be towards the new relationship.

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