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is it wrong that my 22 year old fiancee doesnt like to kiss me infront of his friends? its bad enough that hes not a very affectionate person but now he gets all embarassed when i want to kiss him goodbye infront of someone. not like a make out kiss or anything just a quick peck goodbye. he doesnt mind doing it infront of my family or his family but he seems to have a problem with everyone else:(
This is just the way some guys are, especially if he's not very affectionate in private. I think you are either going to have to get used to it, or rethink what type of guy you really want.
me and my bf we love public display of affection. We would kiss anywhere, anytime for as long as we want. I love it! I think something is not right there is he gets embarrased for a simple goodbye kiss in front of friends. But if he already asked you to marry him I guess he loves you. If you were not engaged I would be concerned.
Don't get mad at my honesty but I think your man may be embarrased by you. I don't see why he'll do it in front of your family but not his friends??? If he were just shy of PDA then he would do it in both situations. Somethings gotta give, If he won't do it then, why should you do it in the bedroom or even in private. Let him have a taste of his own medicine and see how it feels. It's not like your asking him to jam his tongue down your throat...just a peck?? Come on!!! Next time your in front of his friends lay one on him!
I'm a girl and I don't really like PDA. I'm affectionate in private but don't like being in lovey dovey in front of friends!!

Don't worry about your man, he just doens't want to get a ribbing from the guys!! (even though guys only tease coz they're jealous!!)
If he seriously likes the girl he's with what would he care if he gives her a peck on the cheek??? He's not 12. :)
There is no wrong answer here as you see....Many poster have thier own view upon this. I will say though dont take it to offense though. He may not be the type that like to just show off these things. If he is doing it at home and nothing lacks there then he is just shy about the whole thing. You dont want to force it too. We all have different views about this. Personally I will say I dont mind the hugging, cuddling, or holding hands but I wont make-out much in public. In fact the only time I really kiss is if was a goodby. I will show people my love but I dont need to do that though what should only be shown behind closed doors.
[QUOTE=Soulcatcher]If he seriously likes the girl he's with what would he care if he gives her a peck on the cheek??? He's not 12. :)[/QUOTE]
haha. I just CAN'T pee if someone is in the next stall - why I don't know. I guess we all have our little quirks!!
Veggie girl you crazy!! lol We are soooooo not talking about peeing! I don't think I could pee in front of my friends either...HAHAHAHA
[QUOTE=Soulcatcher]Veggie girl you crazy!! lol We are soooooo not talking about peeing! I don't think I could pee in front of my friends either...HAHAHAHA[/QUOTE]

haha. i know, but I was just pointing out that we all have weird little things we can't do in public. Mine is peeing in public, others may be kissing in public!! haha.
Your right...We are not talking about peeing but the joke made is a very good pont brought up. The reason why is that this just proves that we all do and dont do certain things in front of people. Like me I dont mind picking my nose or farting if I need to in public but on the other hand I can't make sexual advantages like making out or groping around people. To me, if my GF wanted me to be more open around her friends I would feel like a "show-n-tell" toy. I say that because I dont need to prove my love in that mannor. I can do that through others ways like hugging or pecks to say goodby.
I hear ya but she also says that he WILL do it in front of her family. Which leads me to believe he's not uncomfortable. She was only wanting a peck. He's old enough to not have it bother him in front of his friends. I think he doesn't want to acknowledge that they are that close or he's with her in that way. Something just doesn't make sense. Boy guys on trial and doesn't even know it. lol
Have you ever asked him why he has a problem with it?

I remember once going somewhere with my ex and a few of his friends, everyone was having a fun time but they were all speaking in Spanish (and I don't understand Spanish) So, I was kind of quiet and afterwards my ex asked if I had a problem with his friends and asked why I wasn't talking to anyone and when I told him they were all talking in Spanish (even though they all speak English) he was quiet for a second and said "oh yeah, I never thought about it that way - that was pretty rude of them!!"

So, we're often in situations where everyone is assuming what everyone is thinking and if we'd just ask whats going on in someones head we'd find it to be quite different from what we expected.
I see your point Soulcatcher but this could be a case where he is around the family enough to feel confortable for that. He may have his friends and she has hers. Another words he may not see her friends that often and he doesn'tfeel comfortable about doing that. Or it could be the case I prososed about him not wanting to be a show-n-tell toy. Only he knows whys though and this is a tough one.
Veggie girl has a point...He may not even have a clue he's doing that. hmmmmmm
thanks for answering guys. yes i only wanted a peck i myself dont like making out infront of people haha. it was HIS friends he didnt want to kiss infront of. he doesnt really feel that comfortable infront of my friends but he has done it. just for an example tonight we ate with his friends and when i went to kiss him goodbye he kinda moved back so i was like are you embarassed and he said yes so i had to take him behind a wall....
Maybe he's not a PDA person. Some people are just like that. Especially at his age, he might worry that his friends think he is "p-whipped". Peer influence is really strong when you are younger. I wouldn't worry about it so much. You might just want to ask him straight up why he's acting that way.
If it is his friends he feels this way in front of then I will say it may be a PDA thing but also an image thing. He doesn't want to show weekness or be made out fun of with his friends. Guys will make fun of other male friends when this happens. Its usually the single ones that make out fun of the other because they are either jealous or they want to grab the attention. It may have happened to him before and he doesn't want to do it anymore to face that.
Me being not an overly affectionate person, I can understand why he would not want to be clingy or making out around his friends or anyone else, but a peck? Come on. That should not be embarrassing for someone.

If he is not all that affectionate when alone, don't take it the wrong way. I'm a girl who isn't overly affectionate. I like to cuddle sometimes, or be close sometimes, but most of the time I like my own space. It's has nothing to do with my b/f. I"ve always been like that. He's the type who like to cuddle as he sleeps, and I HATE even touching someone esle when I sleep (before hand is ok), so he moves over to cuddle me, and I move over to get away, etc etc, and by the end of the night I am almost on the floor, lol.

Basically if you have a problem with the fact that he is embarrased around his friends, let him know how you feel. Explain to him why you feel that way. But if he isn't all that affectionate one on one, I wouldn't expect him to change that, that's just how some people are.

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