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Realguy, What do you mean "jaded by love"?

We do have alot of the same goals. I hate dating around, and would very much prefer to be with one person, with the plan of both to have a long lasting relationship. I have no craving to see other people. I don't want to sleep around or become a "girl gone wild" partier.

But I do see it as a problem that when he is home on weekends he expects all time to be with him. I have friends who I like spending time with. I could bring him with me when I do stuff with them, and with his persnality I do think that he would fit in great. But there are times when it's just girls. We sometimes take off for the night and go into the city to go shopping, or watch movies all night. We have discussed this, and he feels that this would bother him, since his time home is limited.

I'm not really sure if that is the age thing coming through. When you get to be mid-late 30's are you to the point that you expect your SO to be there all of the time and put everything else second? Or is it just his personality that he does not want me to be away from him for other reasons? Because I feel that he doesn't spend as much time with his friends as he should, and I try and encourage him to make plas with them.

Me being early 20's see my friends just as important than whom ever I'm dating. Is this something that will pass as I get older? To me it doesn't seem right to feel otherwise.

I do know that I have all week to see them while he is gone. But it's hard being around them all week, listening to plans being made for the weekend, and thinking that I can't attend, or I will have to ask him if he feels like going. Don't get me wrong, he is a very easy-going guy, and would probably be up for any plans.

I do understand what you say, Realguy, about guys dating younger girls with less baggage. Most of the other woman he's dated have been older than him (early 40's) who are divorced and have children. He also is divorced with a child. Before that bothered me, but now it doesn't at all. Where as I'm a younger girl who has never been married, and has no children. I'm just starting to make a life for myself.

Although I've never been the type of girl to date younger than myself. Even the guys I've dated reacently have been a few years older than I (2-5). But I still find them to be so immature (no offense guys...just speaking about the ones I've incountered). They seem to be out there looking for one thing. And even if they are in a relationship have no problem going other places to get that one thing. That is a big reasons why I am attracted to him. He's mature. He's finished the going-to-bars-to-pick-up stage, etc.

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