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Hi SeeSaw,

I for one really like shy, quiet guys. I've always been reserved myself, though when I socialize I'm talkative and outgoing. I always found that guys liked when I held back a little--it made them want to pursue me. However, guys are expected to take this role, so I'd imagine it's tougher for a guy to be shy than for a girl. However, some girls definitely prefer shy guys! Lots of aggressive guys have showed interest in me, but I've always chosen reserved, quiet, preferably extremely smart boyfriends. I guess I'm just more attracted to them, and I like that deep down, they'd rather stay home in bed with me rather than go out and party every night. I got my fill of that in college, and now I'd much rather stay home and relax than be sociable (most of the time, anyway). Also, I've never been cheated on by a shy guy--they're usually not inclined to be players. Ultimately, everyone wants to find someone that they can be happy spending lots of time with, someone with a compatible personality. If I were you, I'd look for a girl like me :p . At heart I'm reserved, but I'm a good match for a shy guy because when we go out, I can keep everyone involved in a conversation and be friendly while he sits back and relaxes quietly. Why not try to find an introverted girl who likes lots of quiet time, but also has good social skills to take the pressure off of you when you go out together? You sound like a good guy and I wish you lots of luck :) .
My thinking is quiet does not have to mean shy. I like quiet guys because they tend to be more able to be in touch with my feelings. Many shy guys are very aggressive at home which is not quiet. Meaning they like loud tv's and stereos. The quiet guys can be very outgoing when it comes to matters of the heart. They know what they like and know what they are looking for. I think they aren't player types normally because when they are quiet they are thinking. Whereas guys that are not quiet talk a lot about nothing and thus aren't very deep in thought. So quiet people are attractive to me....Just my opinion.

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