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[QUOTE=SeeSaw99]Hi. I have a question for the ladies out there. Are girls ever especially attracted to shy guys? Iím pretty shy, and am just wondering what girls think of this type of guy. I guess my point here is that I am simply not an extrovert, and prefer to keep more to myself and to think about things rather than to be always talking. I could never be loud and at the center of attention of a whole group of people. Itís just not my nature. Just wondering what the ladies think about the shy guys that they meet, and if they get discouraged if these guys donít immediately open up to them. Iím getting kind of concerned about this, and am hoping the women out there will give guys a chance to get comfortable with them before they write them off as boring. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Nobody has replied yet so I figured I would give this a whirl. I know you are looking for female advice and there is plenty here but its been aslow day here on the boards....

Anyway, I all I have to say is that you are human. When you do enter a relationship though you have to try not to be totally shy because you can't put all the work on her or she will think you may be boring. A lot of women also like a guy that they can communicate with and be open with. There are women out there that gives guys chances like we do with them but there is only so much time and effort they can put in.

I know you can't be totally shy and may break loose at time goes on but if you meet a fabulous girl you dont want to be a boring date either. You want to take control like plan a special evening. You both can get a conversation going with just asking questions back in forth about anything. Only you will be able to open up though. I think all of us have a shy side one way or another but most can beat it.

What has your past been like? What I mean is have you had successful relationships being shy or did you eventually open up? ect.

Again I am sure you will get a good response here. I am a guy of couse but figured I finally put my thoughts to this thread.

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