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Our lease isn't up until the end of July. She had made the comment last week that IF we could get her name off the lease she would leave. But then later said she would have to wait until her dad's company left before she could move back in with him. She hates any "company" even at her father's house.

I definitely believe that if she had a boyfriend, none of this would be an issue for her. She'd be keeping busy, staying out of MY life and concentrating on her own. However, with her poor attitude and bitterness, she will never be able to find a boyfriend, much less make friends. As I had stated before, when she had a boyfriend, none of these things were an issue. Maybe it's a jealous factor?

I was telling my mother how ridiculous this whole mess is. It cost me $4,000 to move in here, none of which she paid. I'm not quite sure why she thinks she the "mother" and/or "boss" of the house. When quite frankly neither one of us are.

Everyone is right, I'm no longer going to let her "control" me, if she doesn't like what I'm doing, then she can move out, I'm done trying to make her happy. Because quite frankly, nothing does.

As far as the money issues go, we have nothing in writing between the two of us. She had agreed to pay 1/3 of the rent, since there was 2 of us (me and my son) and one of her. The other bills, utilties, etc. I would have been paying without her, so that's where that came from.

She will NEVER be able to find a place on her own for less than $600 rent, plus utilities. So I'm not quite sure where she's coming from. You'd think she'd be happy to have her own room, own bathroom, AC, and such a nice place ..............but she isn't.

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