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well not really,

I've never been the type for commitment over the last year because it kinda hurts when it ends etc.. but here is my story that took place over the weekend... Everything said is 100% true.

So there's this guy who has been after my girlfriend pretty much from the start of our relationship, that alone is frusterating. And my girlfriends old flatmate is kind of jealous that i live with her now because she got kicked out, and i was allowed to stay. (she had to leave because my girlfriends parents didnt want her staying there. but said it was ok for me. The parents are not in the same country)..

(NB - from now on ill call my girlfriend T and her flatmate K. The guy that likes her is Kane)

Anyway, as much as i hate going out, I decided to go along with T, a mate, her old flatmate and my sister to a standard jockish/metro brisbane city club. And when im not around kane confronts my girlfriend and asked where I was etc.. and rubs her arm. She told him that she was looking for me.

anyways, K turns around to Kane and says "Glenn isnt good enough for her, dont worry "... then we go to a different club and K uses T's phone to buzz Kane. So kane calls back in a second... And then when we went upstairs T and my sister walk to the toilet. so im stuck there with my friend while K is talking to Kane (who i just saw for the first time that night). I found out later thru T that they were thinking of ways to break us up. So anyway, when tina came out of the toilet we went home.

The next morning K comes in while me and T are sleeping and shouts "I got with Kane"... then later tells her "sorry about saying that, i know how much you like kane"...

Anyways, whilst Kane and K were talking about ways for us to break up, kane told her a little secret that i didnt know. He told her that T kissed Kane about 2 months ago.. So i finally find out that T cheated on me. It hurt a lot, and I couldnt stop pictureing it, but I forgave her because i *********** love her a lot. She is perfecr for me.

After I forgave her about everything, some *********** chick calls up T and says "are you Glenn's boyfriend? I ********** him 2 weeks ago in a car" etc.. then hung up.

So now instead of trying to get over the fact that she cheated on me, I now have to deal with the fact that she thinks i cheated on her. We fought for hours, and she believes me that i didnt do it.. but how do i find out who it was that called and made my weekend *********** hell? I just want it off our chest.

it was set up by either



or ben, her ex boyfriend who keeps sms'ing her.

what do i do? and what are some good ways to find out?

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