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Wow, guys! It was so great that all of you responded with such differing (and very helpful!) opinions! To answer some questions that were posted...
Yeah, I definitely had the thought in the back of my mind that he might ask me to move in with him. And I still have it there, going into this situation, that he will want me to spend MORE nights at his house so I am at home LESS. And eventually, he may make the full commitment of asking me to move in. I don't necessarily think we're ready for that right now though. Doesn't mean I wouldn't have loved for him to ask! Make any sense? I want to know that he thinks about that and wants that, but I also don't want to make that move just yet. We have been through some bumps in the road and I wouldn't want to take that step until we are far more stable and have been together longer.
Yes, I'm definitely insecure. He has little to no insecurity at all. He would never admit to being even a teeny bit insecure but there are times when I can detect a touch of it in his voice or in his response to something. He's human! But he's all about trust and commitment and honesty. He tells me everything he does, and even though some of those things involve visiting his ex, at least he is not trying to hide it. My issues with insecurity come from many different places, not from him. Sure, I question some of the things he does... but it's my problem. I know that. It's something I have to work on. And he is kind of an inspiration in a way, because he's got this great attitude towards the relationship! I am just so pessimistic and paranoid! To me, a little insecurity and jealousy on his part gives ME more security. And because I am insecure to start with, I feed on things like that. So that's my problem.
The guy I am moving in with is nothing short of drop dead gorgeous. But this is a non-issue to me because I love my bf so much and it doesn't even cross my mind to do anything to hurt him. Sure there is the possibility of him approaching me on a romantic level... I have considered that. I just don't get that vibe from him. He's very respectful and mature, and this feels like more of a business relationship than anything. It's 2 people helping each other out. And there's no way I'd find an opportunity like this in a million years. The price I am going to be paying is half of even the lower prices people pay for apartments around here. It's amazing. And so beneficial to me on all levels. Or else yes, I would definitely search out a female roommate. But having a guy roommate will be fun! I get to decorate!

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