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Well we've been together almost a year. I'm 25 and he's turning 29 in a couple weeks. He's just always been the type who believes in trust. Basically, he will trust a person completely until they break his trust- just once- and then it's all over. Trust is just a very powerful thing for him, and he's always been this way with me. I'm used to guys getting all jealous if I have male friends. And my boyfriend isn't like that. He says he won't be with someone he can't trust. And on his side of it, he is good friends with an ex-girlfriend. He occasionally goes to visit her and her son during the day, and always lets me know this. I'm never left in the dark about anything he does. He's very open and honest with me. But the thing is, I'm not quite there yet. I do trust him, I'm just not used to this level of trust. It sometimes gets to me when he goes to visit her. I'm trying to adapt, though, because I know I'll be more comfortable and happy if I can take on his attitude. I mean, come on. How many guys would honestly be that comfortable with their girlfriends moving in with another guy?! It's not very common. Either I have an unbelievable guy, or there's a hidden agenda.

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