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Well, Susie, I think your situation was a little bit different. You were already married and this guy you were sharing a place with while your husband was temporarily away was a mutual friend, and you've been living with him all along, even prior to your husband's deployment. As I said, not every guy would have a problem with his girlfriend moving in with another guy, but I think the average guy would. IN my opinion, he should be a little insecure about it. I once shared an apartment with two roommates, one of whom was a guy. He had a girlfriend (living in a different apartment), but he did try to hit on me a few times. He even said he would leave the gf for me if only I agreed to date him. Even if the poster is faithful and extremely committed, he doesn't know the guy. Why would he want to put her in a situation of this other guy potentially making advances on her?

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