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Its just insecurity I believe....You both arre dealing with somewhat a long distance relationship but you have to learn to trust. This isn't getting you anywhere if you keep having these thoughts. He is with you for a reason. You may see all the media or even here but not everyone cheats. Here is a place where people seek help but there is a lot of people out there in this world and here is just a fraction. What you see in some post is about people cheating and stuff but it doesn't always happen. Sure you would like to have more time but he is seeing you when he can and making an effort.

You say you trust him but if you are having these thoughts then you don't in relality. He is your boyfriend and you should start thinking more positive thing to that rather than the bad. He is your boyfriend to build on the future and try to move foward. Think positve thoughts won't stall that and you both can work on for something to last in a life time. I can't really tell you how to change. I am the same way but I have learned to suck it up and enjoy what I have infront of me.

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