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My advice.. stay with him if this is the type of life that you want to live forever. People don't change. And even if he wanted to, what reason does he have to change? You are always there for him anyway, regardless. I wish that for a second you could step out of your mindset and see this from the outside. It is ridiculous what this guy is putting you through, and what you are allowing him to do. Yeah I know all about the "what if's", I torture myself with them all the time. But look at the flip side, "what if" you waste another few years on this guy before realising that his behaviour is sooo wrong, and let many more deserving men pass you by? He is not going to "wake up" one day and realise what he has. He sounds spoilt, immature and selfish, and you are only feeding these qualities. But I will tell you something, he is damn good with the emotional blackmail. Don't tell me that you don't feel a little guilty because you have "hurt" him by seeing someone else when it wasn't convenient for him to love you. This guy is a joke, and is only dragging you down to his level. How can you believe this? Everything that has happened thus far has been from his own doing, and if he is genuinely "hurt" by you seeing someone else... then GOOD. Karma is a real ***** isn't it?

For your own sake, PLEASE leave this guy - and go running into the arms of the other guy - who likes you for you and doesn't torture you to show you how much he "cares". Your BF will not change. EVER. And no matter how much you contort yourself into what he really wants you to be, you will never be happy... because he won't be either. I truly hope that you have the courage to have enough self respect to tell your bf where to go.

And Blondie, sorry to steal anothers thread, but even if your bf did propose, would you really accept? A proposal is supposed to be a happy time, not just something that happens when your man is on one of his "good days". Will he take it back when he's having a bad day? Is this really the kind of life that will make you live happily ever after? Marriage does not change a person.

Please ladies, think about these posts... they come from people who have been EXACTLY in your situation and have come out feeling foolish. No one here wants to see that happen to you.

PS. Real love is when you love someone through good times, bad times, angry times, sad times, hard times, happy times... I know you love these guys that much, but I'm afraid that they wouldn't be able to say the same.

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