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[QUOTE=Kay33]Do you really believe that? I don't, and I don't even know the guy...other than what you've described which has been a series of 'come here, go away'...oh, and it's all your fault. This was too convenient; he was all set, but now YOU ruined it. Good grief, what a control freak, he's not interested in committing to you, he just doesn't want you to be w/anyone else. I hope your not feeling like you 'blew it' w/him...I honestly think he would've found some just made it easier for him. Good riddance.
You deserve better.[/QUOTE]

I agree. This guy is feeding you a pile of BS. He's playing mind games, to put it nicely. Don't believe it for a second. He's manipulating you and trying to put the blame for his own "horrid" behavior on you. Don't let him! He would have NOT come around/spent his life with you, blah, blah, blah. I used to have a boyfriend (my first boyfriend, in fact) like this. He would come and go and also tell me I'm "the love of his life," and other such crap. But he had "issues" he had to work on. He's still calling me sometimes, after nearly 12 years, still saying the same things!!! I no longer pick up the phone, or when he calls from a different number, I just hang up. He's so pathetic in my eyes now, I am finally able to see through him.

If you like the other guy and regret that you set him aside, please try to repair the damage asap. Call him, apologize, tell him you were temporarily insane. Don't lose a great guy over some loser who is playing games with you.

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