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Hi, I'm having a little problem in my relationship as you could tell by the title...I've been in a relationship with this guy for about five months(I'm 19 and he's 25) and at first things were great when I met him. We always had so much fun and we were (and still are) together whenever we're not at work. I'm just so frustrated because he's been accusing me lately of sleeping with other guys. It really bothers me because I've told him time and time again that he is the only guy I want to be with and that there would be no point of our relationship if I was to want other guys, and he'll act like he finally understands and I think everything is cleared up and then he starts in again...almost everyday. He's accused me of sleeping with his best friend who has just moved in (who I'm not at all attracted to and who I never even see either), and he just doesn't seem to get it that I would never do that and I would never want to hurt him. He is a wonderful person with a good head on his shoulders and that's what attracted me to him, but the way he's been acting is really taking it's toll on the relationship. The past few nights he's brought me to tears and I feel like there is nothing I can do or say. He doesn't take me seriously when I tell him how much it bothers me and frustrates me. I feel like I can't even do my own thing, such as go shopping or hang out with a girlfriend or get things taken care of that need to be done because he always accuses me of going other places and lying. All I do is go to college full time and go straight to my fulltime job right after school and have no energy by the time I'm home at night, and on the weekends I need to get things taken care of and I never hear the end of it unless he's with me every second. That's the only way he won't give me crap. He's even accused me of having another guy's "bodily fluids" on me when we were having sex when it was just mine, but he doesn't quite believe me. I can't even believe he would even think of something that crazy. I feel disrespected that he can't even trust me when I've done nothing wrong to make him think this way of me. If anyone has any advice on what I should do or say it would really help me out. Thanks so much:)

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