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Some of you probably remember me asking questions about the guy I am currently seeing. Well, as I said before we communicate really well, we talk a lot. A friend of mine made up a fake screen name (unbeknown to me mind you) and IMed him the other night. He doesn't know my boyfriend, however he (my friend) says that because it is a long distance relationship he is eventually going to cheat on me. I really feel like deep down he is just trying to ruin my relationship. I'm going to post the conversation because I think you will need to read it to make a true assesment. I took out certain parts that reveal names and places...

her: well let me ask some questions about
her: and then u can learn more about me
him: ok... fire away
her: how old r u?
him: 22
him: no you
her: 20
her: what do u do for a living?
him: i am a computer programmer... really
boring.... you?
him: ahhh... i think i know you, but i have only
heard about you... i cannot remember your name... we
know e/o through a mutual friend
her: what r u talking about?
him: one of my friends is really good friends
with some1 who goes to ... nevermind.
i am a moron...
her: lol i'm confused
her: so what city do u live in?
him: i live in ... where are you from?
him: that is a cool town. i used to know
someone from there. how did you end up wiht my
her: i cant tell u that yet
him: grr. the anticipation is killing me
her: you will find out later
him: so, what did you do today?
her: i've been taking exams
him: what clssses are you taking this semester?
her: finishing some general educ. courses,
math and english
him: let me ask you this... how much do you know
about me... just what i told you, a little, more than
you think, or a lot?
her: actually i don't know hardly anything
about u so tell me about you
him: i never went to college... i am actually
about to start taking classes to get some sort of
degree... i got hired by this company i work for right
out of high school... i bought my first house about a
year ago.... i am originally from ... hmmm.... that
is the 1 minute story....
her: tell me about your family?
him: ummm... i got two sisters... one goes to , the other is in high school (up in ... that is
where my mother still lives)... my father just got a
divorce from number 3, so he is living in my house
until he gets settled down here...
him: i used to go up to at least once a month
to see my mom and sis (both sisters in the second one
came home from school), but lately i have had lots of
little things to do and havent made it up
her: i have a brother and a sis...they're
both in high school still
her: i'm the oldest
him: raise the roof for the oldest of three
him: whoops
her: damn right!
him: i usually don't get addicted to video
games... but halo 2 has sucked me in
her: is that what you've been doing
him: i think that both of my sisters got it
easier then me from my mother... i eventually moved
out and lived with my father for a few years
her: oh really?
him: yeah... we kind of split the family up, boy
with dad, girls with mom...
her: are you married?
him: no ma'am... i couldn't do that at 22...
him: do i get to find out where you got my s/n
bher: lol i can understand that
her: nope...sure don't
him: grrrr.... and when do i?
her: when i feel like telling it
her: tell me something good about your
life right now?
him: i just got a fat bonus check from work
today... like 900ish
her: i got your screen name from a friend
who knows u...she was talking about u and put u on my
buddy list when we were drunk
her: but i couldnt tell u who it was
her: bc we were drunk
him: will you tell me your real name
her: not now
him: where you when you were drunk with said
her: ok,
her: here at school
him: hello ... if you cant guess, my
name is
her: are you seeing anybody?
himm: but i hate that name
her: well i can see's nice to
meet you
him: yes... just recently i started to see
someone... kind of new to be dating someone... i
hadn't really done it for a year
her: really? thats awesome...where does
she live?
her: i have a bf back at home
him: in ... in a small town.... it
is sort of weird... we don't have much in common at
all, but we get along well...
him: how long have you been seeing your bf?
him: i have to go to the little boys room...
brb... 3-4 minutes
her: really? is it hard?
her: what is the small like?
bher: i have been seeing my bf for 3 years
her: okee dokee
him: ok... i am back.... to answer your
question, yes it is hard to date someone so far
away... i have to get a hotel every time i go out
there b/c she lives with her parents and they prolly
don't want me around... wow three years... not too
her: well why do u do it then?
her: not too shabby at all
him: i don't know... like i said, we get along,
and she makes me happy (get your mind out of the
gutter), and why not
him: it is kind of weird telling all this stuff
to a complete and total stranger
her: i know but sometimes those are the
best people to tell things too
her: like a therapist...they dont know you
personally, but you know
her: it's a good thing she makes you happy
her: that's important
her: what's she like?
him: i know... this is true....
him: i am betting that you know her
her: yes
her: why do u say that?
her: actually i don't even know you, so
how do i know her
her: and if i knew that you had a gf then
why would i ask you?
him: because someone had to have added me to
your buddy list, and she is my only link to her: well maybe there's more that you dont
know about
her: i mean are
very close
him: yes, this is true.... but they are not
thaaaat close... just ask me.... i make that drive
quite alot....
her: you seem to be a little bitter about
this distance thing
her: lol

him: hehe... it sucks... i am, but it is not
like i can hold that against her... it is not her
her: well that's cool of you to say...u
seem to like her alot
her: my bf and i dont see each other too
her: but we still keep it going strong
him: does he go to school?
her: yes...
him: ahhh... i see you are representing the
... i live near .... so it
is all good...
her: yes!!! representing...
him: ok.... i have to get ready for bed.... but
i would like to continue to talk... can i call you or
do you want to call here? or do you want to talk some
other time
her: lets talk some other time!
her: goodnight
him: ok... tell me more about how you got my
s/n.... and then i am going to bed....
her: i already told u that
him: there has to be more of a story
her: i would like to call u but i
seriously think u need to go to bed
him: no... i can get ready for bed, and then we
will get off the phone when i actually go to bed...
her: naw it's ok ill talk to you another
her: why do you want to talk to me
him: because i am/was in the middle of a really
interesting conversation about ld relationships and i
would like to continue it, but also, i do need to get
off the laptop and start to make my way upstairs
him: to clean up my room and get ready for bed
her: oh i understand that
him: but not necessarly go to bed this second...

her: how would u feel if your gf was
sitting there talking to some other guy on the phone?
him: umm, she is a grown woman, she can make her
own judgement calls.... should she be restricted to
only talking to girls, i would hope not
him: would your bf have a problem with it?
her: thats very mature
her: maybe he woul
her: would
him: ok, so just b/c you are in a relationship,
all of a sudden you are not alowed to talk to 49% of
the population.... that is retarded
her: this is a valid point you're making
her: do u ever get a lil jealous when your
bf talks to other guys though?
her: i meant gf
her: lol
him: maybe just the slightest, but i do supress
it, because of trust... it is not fair for me to be
mad/openly jealous...
her: awww thats sweet
him: do you get jealous when he talks to girls/
him: ?
her: depends on who it is
him: ok....the laptop has to go off.... call me
or i can call you.... or neither... your call...
him: no pun intended
her: lol well actually i need to go to bed
bc i have an 8:30 exam
her: but ill talk to you another time
her: goodnight
him: ok... we will talk tomorrow... good
night... good luck on your exam
her: bye

Well, the reason I got so upset was because thats how my bf and I started talking again, by talking on the phone before he feel asleep. In fact, thats when we talk now. it just bothers me because that feels like "our time". I finally told my bf about this. He jumped in and said, I will send you the entire convo that we had, I don't have anything to hide, he said that there was nothing but 2 ppl having a convo and that no cheating occured. He was in bed when I told him and he got out of bed and went downstairs to find the convo and email it to me. He told me even before he sent it everything that was said, I was seeing if he would because I had already read it and he did tell me everything. So, he didn't hide it from me. How should I react? Is this a sign that he would cheat on me? I do know that when we are out and about..he will talk to anyone and everyone around. He is a very talkative person and would hold a convo with a dog if it would talk to him lol. He told me that he would never cheat and that even if there was someone else he would get out of the relationship with me before even thinking about starting something with another. He says though that he doesn't see that happening because he is happy with me right now and definitely not looking anywhere else. I'm confused!

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