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[QUOTE=Hoop]Such pessimism! :) Goody. I met someone on my trip to Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. She gave me her number and honest to God... I lost it by next morning.

True Story! It can happen!

HOOP! ( no monkeys flying out of my butt on this one) :D[/QUOTE]

Sorry....Hoop ;) I meant to's a line used by many guys except a guy named Hoop who got a # from a girl in Texas over Turkey Day :bouncing:

I forgot that it's a no-no :nono: to throw [I]genderized[/I] statements around this board...but from my experience and those shared with me from other women....when a guy asks for your number and doesn't call & you finally get in touch with him...the first words out of his mouth are...."oh I lost your #" and nothing happens from there. It would have been more manly of him to not ask for a # in the first place. Not everyone does this but it is unfortunately something that happens in the dating scene. I thought that perhaps this girl was perhaps falling into the belief that she was just handed another line and had misinterpreted what had actually happened. Just a guess on why she might be a little stand-offish is all :D ....Goody

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