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[QUOTE=Ninispjc]This is true. Einstein said that's the definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Hmmm...not sure what that leaves to try.... :confused: ;) [/QUOTE]

Well, I don't want to deprive Heartland of the pleasure, but...

Who you gonna call? Toast-masters! :D

[QUOTE]Gormless gits? That's a new one on me! Not quite sure what it means, but I think I get the gist, and I think my ex almost certainly fits in that catagory! :D[/QUOTE]

I was wondering about the gormless gits myself. I think it will become my new favorite collective term for all my ex-boyfriends. Gormless Gits--I just love it! :D Is that British?

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