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Hi, I posted a thread last week about my boyfriend who thinks I'm cheating on him. Thanks to everyone who replied, but the issue seems to be getting worse and worse. (I'm 19 and he's 25)I think I may have a problem letting go. As logical as it sounds to just get out of the relationship, it's hard to, no matter how unacceptable the things he has been doing to me are. Yesterday morning I found a voice recorder hidden in his sweatchirt pocket as I was getting ready to leave. I was cleaning up and the sweatshirt fell off the closet, and I felt something hard and couldn't believe there was a tape recorder in there and it was on at that very second. He leaves for work every morning about 1/2 hour before I do, and he's convinced that when he leaves I go have sex with his roomate, which I would never do. His roomate and I don't even talk, I'm not at all attracted to him, and I wish my boyfriend knew that I would never do anything to hurt him, I never have, and I have never given him a reason. I'm with him every single night and we do everything together almost. I honestly think he has issues and doesn't realize what he's doing. I asked him if he's purposely trying to drive me away (since I have done absolutely nothing wrong) and he kinda laughed and said he thinks I'm driving myself away. I feel like I can't make him believe I love him and have never done him wrong because no matter what I say he just says, "that's a nice story, but I know what you're up to" or anything else to that effect. I know I should've left a long time ago, but am I messed up for wanting to work things out with this guy? I know I don't deserve anything he's done to me but I feel like there's still a chance to work things out and he could eventually believe me. I guess I sound like a total idiot for thinking that too I guess because I should run away and be free but I can't imagine doing everything without him now. If anyone can help me out I'd be so happy. Thanks so much:)

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